Dental Assistants: 3 reasons to dig deeper into the digital world of dentistry

 The Land of Opportunity
As DA’s, you boost confidence in people and give them the ability to take on the world. A lot of you spend weekends away from your families, getting the training necessary to give your patients the most innovative dental care. You are passionate about people and most DA’s would agree that dentistry is something you do because you love to do it. We all know we wouldn’t show up every day to see those lovely patients that can’t put their phone down for more than 5 minutes at a time if we didn’t enjoy what we do! And now, what the digital world has opened up, is a land of opportunity. Some of us already rock the digital world with our skills in designing beautiful smiles unique to each person that sits in our chair; It’s those of you who have yet to get the full experience that I’m compelled to share what I gained from CAD/CAM (Computer-Aided Design/Computer-Aided Manufacturing) and why you should dig deeper into the digital world of dentistry.

1. Expand Your Skill Set
Cerec offers you the chance to broaden your skills; Something for you to take pride in and shake that common stereotype of being nothing more than “spit suckers”. And guess what? With Cerec you can take the image (in WA State) for crowns, bridges, surgical guides and implants. You can dive into your creative side and design beautiful crowns and implant crowns for your patients. With an MCX or MCXL milling unit, you can design and mill surgical guides. You can find advantages of using Cerec for implantology and workflow at Sirona. The opportunities are endless!

2. Happy Patients Happy Assistants
From the time you seat that patient to the time they are dismissed, you will spend the most time getting to know them. Sometimes that means you get to hear all about the 7 cats she has including their names and personalities, but more often, you’re getting to know what they expect from their visit and what they want done with their smile. When you deliver on that with a gorgeous Cerec crown that you designed and hand crafted, it makes for a pretty rewarding day at the office! As assistants, we love to be busy. We wouldn’t do this job if we didn’t. CAD/CAM dentistry keeps you busy no matter what stage of training you’re in. It’s hands down the most fulfilling part of the job!

3. Be an Investment to Your Practice
In the dental world, assistants are typically compensated by experience and skill. CAD/CAM dentistry, at its full capacity, is a skill that will save your Doctor money and increase the profit for your practice. When systems are in place and followed, it’s worth it to invest in your skills so that he/she can in turn profit from keeping things in-house. By trusting in your abilities, doctors can see more patients. This applies to new Cerec users and those of you who are doing crowns, but not utilizing the Cerec for all that it has to offer. Either way, as a Cerec trained assistant, you are worth more to your practice and I wouldn’t let anyone tell you different!
Dr. Suneet Bath, owner of Impressions Dentistry located in Olympia, WA, has been using Cerec for over 10 years now and he’s had his team trained and running his machine since he got it. He has been my employer for 2.5 years, but more importantly, he’s been my biggest supporter in taking on new challenges with the Cerec. When asked why he feels investing in your team is important, he stated,
“It is important to invest in your team for many reasons. When you do so, you empower them to grow professionally and personally. This allows their confidence to grow and they do more procedures. They want to learn more and their career advances. This all leads to an increase in their job satisfaction.”
And it’s so true! As we get comfortable and confident in our jobs, most of us will look for more. It’s natural for us to want to reach new milestones.
Dr. Bath replied confidently when asked what he gets out of it by saying,
“A lot. Their increased knowledge takes pressure off you when they do some of those procedures you can delegate. This allows you to be more productive. As they learn more, you want to learn more, so you do different procedures and again, you are more productive. Your confidence grows and your work gets better. You are now a pinnacle in your community and as a result, you are more satisfied with your job.”
If that’s not team work, I don’t know what is!
Lastly, here’s his take on what Cerec contributes to the topic.
“You are looked at as the leader in technology which inspires your team and impresses your patients. You can have an in-house lab that produces extraordinary results and you do not have to change much about what you do, besides allow your crew to take charge. You will save tens of thousands of dollars and make crowns that last longer and that patients like more. So, what’s not to like?”
Sounds like a win-win to me!

If you are interested in taking on some new challenges with your Cerec equipment (implants, bridges, surgical guides). Or, maybe you’re new to Cerec and looking to get your assistants up and going. I’ll be servicing Olympia and surrounding areas with hands on training. You can click Here to inquire.

“Let’s share our experiences, learn and grow from each other, and allow me to assist you in any way that I can.”

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